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Planescape: Torment Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack

The Planescape: Torment Fixpack is a comprehensive WeiDU Fixpack for Black Isle's classic Planescape: Torment CRPG.

Fixing literally hundreds of bugs and thousands of typos, thereby restoring a lot of lost and inactive content, the PS:T Fixpack (along with PS:T Unfinished Business and Qwinn's PS:T Tweak Pack) provides a completely new Planescape: Torment experience!

Click here for a list of the most important fixes, as well as further information on the mod itself.

In addition to a large number of completely original fixes by the PS:T Fixpack's author, Paul Escalona (aka Qwinn), the bugs fixed by three major PS:T non-WeiDU mods have also been addressed, specifically:

  • "Platter's Fixpack v1.37,"
  • "SKARDAVNELNATE'S All-Inclusive Fixpack"
  • and the "Restoration Pack" by Cilantro.

In addition to the PS:T Fixpack, we also recommend PS:T Unfinished Business and Qwinn's PS:T Tweaks. All three mods were developed in tandem and are all authored by Qwinn.

The PS:T Fixpack is maintained and updated on a regular basis, so if you have any bug reports you'd like to see looked at, please post on the PS:T Fixpack forum!

Mod Information

PS:T Fixpack

By Qwinn

Planescape: Torment

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